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Zuraverse is an eco-conscious GameFi platform shaping real-world heroes through our novel Play-Earn-Conserve model.

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Based around our central characters "Hippie Aliens", Zuraverse presents highly immersive and engaging narratives blending Sci-Fi and Climate Change in a fresh mix which can create infinite possibilities.

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Our multi-platform and genre games, NFTs, and Utilities prioritise user experience.

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A doxxed core team, with a combined experience of 40+ years in Design, Web3, Gaming and Entrepreneurship, having worked in MNCs like Ubisoft, Wipro, Prime Focus and International Startups alike.


  • An active community of 5K+ gamers and 100K+ Questers, our first Drop of Zura House NFT (5000 nos.) got minted out within 2 hours. People from 32 countries tested Cosmic Surfer Alpha in a 2 day Tournament.

  • featured by many media outlets (F6S, 3.0 TV, Metaverse Worlds etc.) among Top GameFi projects from India

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