Zurian NFT

Zura Universe Rarus Immortalis Animus Natio

ZURIAN are the species designed by the HIPPIE ALIENS. ZURIAN stands for ZURA UNIVERSE RARUS IMMORTALIS ANIMUS NATIO, which is latin for ‘the nation of Zuraverse’ rare and immortal intelligent characters’ When Hippie Aliens arrive on Planet Earth, they see the destruction caused by the Humans, and they are saddened by it. They feel that this Planet has a lot of Potential left but the Humans are fighting among themselves, they have pointed Nuclear Weapons against each other. They feel a connection with this problem and somehow they want to fix it. Finally after so long, they have found their purpose.Which to save the Planet Earth. They blame Humans for the ‘TRIPLE PLANETARY CRISIS’ which refers to the three main interlinked issues that the Planet is currently facing :

  • Climate Change,

  • Pollution,

  • Biodiversity Loss.

While on the other side they love the way many animal species & many indigenous tribes show such good examples of respect and care towards environment and co-existence, but sadly they are facing the threats of extinction. Taking inspirations from various of these endangered animals. and the cultures and tradition of various indigenous tribes, they create a new species called the ZURIANs, and a Metaverse Island called Zura Park as a training ground for Zurians, where they can evolve overtime, and save the Planet Earth and conserve its Biodiversity.

In Season 1, There are five Genus of Zurians - 2,000 from each Genus.

  1. BEP(Blue Elephant Parade)

  2. PGT(Purple Giraffe Tower)

  3. YTS(Yellow Turtle Solitary)

  4. GPC(Green Penguin Colony)

  5. RTA(Red Tiger Ambush)

Each Genus has further classifications based on the various Sub Species of that genus.

For Example BEP(Blue Ellie Parade) consists of 6 different Zurian Clans, based on the 6 subspecies of Elephant. These 6 BEP(Blue Ellie Parade) Clans also draw direct inspiration from Indenegous tribes found there.

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