Hippie Alien Infinity Nexus (HAIN) is where the BZE (Before Zurian Era) comes to an end. This is where all the BZE games comes together into a single shared ecosystem. All the previous BZE games like HACK Run, Cosmic Surfer, Cosmic Trip, Aurora Soundstream etc comes together into a single seamless interstellar experience.

One can think of Hippie Alien Infinity Nexus as Infinity Wars/Endgame of the Hippie Alien Universe. Taking inspiration from the games like Star Citizen, No man’s Sky etc, Infinity Nexus can be categorized as Space Sim Video game that offers limitless potential to discover, explore and conquer an amazing and psychedelic science fiction universe where you pilot spaceships, fight, explore, and form corporations and alliances with other players as per their Zura Houses, in a Massively Multiplayer persistent Universe.

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