The Jungle is a dreadful place. That’s the reason why we have so many survival in the jungle shows like ‘Man Vs Wild’, ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ and many more which have been a massive hit. But this is how life used to be for a human, not a very long time ago, if we consider the period of evolution. And even today, we have not been able to escape the Jungle Psychology and if you notice carefully its very easy to see a Jungle like Hierarchy even in our cities and that’s why they are called an Urban Jungle. Jungle Wars exixts in a Jungle themed Map, where Players will be battling against each other in Teams Battle, PaintBall Arena with high speed action, guns blazing with color pellets flying around and players running from one spot to another for defense or for finding a strategic location.

Paint Ball Arena is a game mode similar to the Jungle Wars Game, except this is not specifically set in a Jungle setting. Rather, this game mode will use the entire Zura Park map, where anyone can dive into a multiplayer session and fight against each other and earn Karma Points. There will be hidden easter eggs and lootbox spread across the map and random NFT and Token Airdrops.

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