๐Ÿ‘ฝBZE (Before Zurian Era)

There are 6 chapters in Season 1, which will be released at various intervals, in line with our Project Road Map.

Every Chapter comes with its own unique Story Trailer. Here is the first trailer

In the vast expanse of the universe, where galaxies intertwined like cosmic tapestries, there existed a group of alien beings known as the Hippie Alien Cosmic Klub, or H.A.C.K for short. They are a peculiar and enlightened species of aliens, traversing the depths of space in their quest for Nirvana.

As these Hippie Aliens ventured further into the cosmos, they found themselves drifting closer to the edge of the universe, a place where the boundaries of space and time seemed to blur. It was here, on the outermost fringes of existence, that they received a message. A message or a call for help.

Noah, the commander of the Fleet decided to do further investigation of the message, and they found out the message was from a Planet called Earthโ€”a small blue planet teeming with life and rich in potential.

Eager to explore this new frontier, the Hippie Aliens initiated their intergalactic journey towards Earth. The batch of first 10,000 Hippie Aliens were tasked to explore the Planet and gather more information about it. Throughout their travel, they had to go through many obstacles. Navigating the Wormholes, Surviving the trippy and dangerous Cosmic Debris.

BZE will cover all these adventures with the introduction of various Games and NFTs, all centered around these Hippie Aliens.

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