Cosmic Surfer is Zuraverseโ€™ second game after HACK Run. The objective of the game is to help the Hippie Aliens Surf the Cosmic Debris.

Cosmic Surfer is an AA multiplayer game, and features HASH NFTs. Users can buy one of the 5 HASH Hovership and compete against each other in different Multiplayer modes and earn various Rewards. Each Spaceship has its own attribute. For instance The Blue Colored Garuda Spaceship is fastest, while the purple colored Horus has best maneuver controls, while Prey-Go-Neesh has the best fuel capacity. This dynamics makes the multiplayer battle interesting and engaging.

Each HASH NFT unlocks a unique stage, tailor made for the associated HASH Hovership. The owner of the HASH NFT can host the multiplayer session in that associated Stage, while other join the session through their own HASH spaceship.

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