$ZURA Token

The Zura Token $ZURA is an ERC-20 token that can be traded on Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. It is the native currency of the Zuraverse ecosystem.


  • $ZURA token can be used to trade digital assets and accessories from our marketplace.

  • Option of 1-Year locked staking of $ZURA token which will provide a variable APR from Reward pool in USDC.

  • Liquidity Staking (Dual Asset): Variable APR from Reward Pool. Ex. ZURA/USDC in 50:50 to be staked in a DEX liquidity and the liquidity token has to be further staked on our website to receive the rewards.

  • There will be a separate reward pool of $ZURA tokens set aside to be distributed for NFT and Token Staking from our Ecosystem Rewards Pool.

Token Burning Mechanism

To counter the selling pressure of tokens from the vesting period, rewards earned for playing the game and staking rewards, we have introduced multiple token burning mechanisms to balance the supply and demand.

  • All NFTs bought on our platform would be free of trading fee(barring transaction cost) but selling NFTs will entail a 5% transaction/royalty fee. 50% fee would be used to buy back $ZURA tokens on the market and burned on a quarterly basis, or as required. All sellers would be rewarded with Karma Points(XP) for their action.

  • Using Zurian NFTs one can experience Zuraverse any way they want. When playing games(which leads to $ZURA token rewards) Every player will lose his energy gradually. And they have to burn $ZURA tokens regularly to replenish their energy. Tournaments and special events will deplete more energy but rewards will also be more.

  • Partial amounts of $ZURA Tokens can also be used to get a discount when purchasing NFTs, accessories, land parcels, etc. All the tokens used for such discounts, will be burned.

  • The team may decide to do voluntary token burning from time to time as a reward to the community and investors.

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