Why Sustainability?

Our world is going through a Climate change and the planet is slowly becoming unfavorable to sustain life in general. Both the 2019 IPBES and 2020 WWF reports stress that the loss of habitats and species pose as much of a threat to life on Earth as Climate Change, Species are becoming extinct quicker nowadays than ever before. Wildlife population sizes dropped by 68% between 1970 and 2018. More than one million species are now at risk of extinction.

Some heartaching facts

  • Approximately 30,000 species per year about three per hour are being driven to extinction. – Harvard University

  • Approximately 80 percent of the decline in global biological diversity is caused by habitat destruction.– African Conservancy

  • Illegal wildlife trafficking throughout the world brings in approximately US $20 billion per year. – United States Fish and Wildlife Service

  • Wildlife habitat in the world is being destroyed at a rate of approximately 5,760 acres per day or 240 acres per hour. – African Conservancy

Why Conservation?

Conservation is an ‘act’ of preserving our Biological and Ecological resources, and Sustainability can be seen as a ‘goal’ that inexplicably means to Protect and Preserve the natural resources for the benefit of future generations. While we use both the words interchangeably, it is necessary to know how each has its own dependence on the other as Sustainability cannot be achieved without Conservation.

Sustainability is often broken into three core concepts: Economic, Environmental, and Social. Also known informally as Profits, Planet, and People.

  • Economic (Profit) - The concept of "Economic Sustainability" focuses on conserving the natural resources that provide physical inputs for economic production, including both renewable and exhaustible inputs.

  • Environmental (Planet) - Concept of ‘Environmental Sustainability" adds greater emphasis on the life support systems, such as the atmosphere or soil, that must be maintained for economic production or human life to even occur.

  • Social (People) - Social Sustainability focuses on the human effects of economic systems, and the category includes attempts to eradicate poverty and hunger, as well as to combat inequality.

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