Gamer’s sentiments towards Web3 games.

😢 Problem 1 - Gamer’s sentiments towards Web3 games.

Web3 also referred to as the future internet domain utilizing decentralized blockchain technologies may look complicated to those who are not in-the-know. This is the biggest challenge with Web3 Mass adoption. Crypto enthusiasts easily understand Web3. But there is still a vast segment of average users who do not understand the space well.

a) Feelings towards Crypto

b) Engagement with Web3 Tech

c) Feelings towards NFTs

😂 Our Solution

Currently, standard gamers are Web2 gamers; for every 1 Web3 gamer, there are over 4,750 Web2 gamers. We aim to provide an easy entry for everyone (both NFT and Non-NFT holders). Zuraverse is not limited to NFT holders. Anyone can enter Zuraverse with traditional ‘Design you own Avatar’ mechanism. They can engage with other NFT holders with different experiences. Over time, our ongoing mission will educate our user base on the benefits of Web3 and assist them with the transition.

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