Zura Park

Zura Park is an Open Metaverse Island with multiple Land Parcels with Plethora of Games and VR/AR Experiences. There will be a max of 1600 Land Parcels in the first public Island in Season1. Season 2 will unlock 5 more Island, each of them with their 1600 Land Parcels. These new Island will have World Building and RPG features. All of these 6 Island combined together to form Zura Planet. Later from Season 3 onwards, New Planets will be unlocked.

Zura Park will have many Games and Experiences from different genres spread all across the Map. There will be some AR/VR Experiences also. User can roam around the Open World Map and directly walk into any one of them. We are starting with these 5 games and experiences below. And we adding more games as we grow.

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