Virtual Forest

Growing Real Forest Virtually

Virtual Forest is a web based game on Hedera network which would help you grow a virtual forest while you contribute to real world tree plantation.

It is a gamified form of community led climate action, where players get one seed each day, which they can plant anywhere on a virtual map.

After planting the seed, they need to water it everyday within 24 hours. If a seed doesn’t get watered each day, it dies.

Finally on the 15th day, the plant grows into a tree. After a tree is matured it doesn’t need watering and can be minted as a NFT.

For every Tree NFT mint, Zuraverse will plant a tree with the help of fellow planters organizations.

Progress in the game will allow you to earn Collectible.

Conzura Tree NFT

The NFT collection that Plant Real Trees Traceable on the Blockchain

Conzura Tree NFT’s collection are designed with an objective to reforest the world with native trees, each traceable by a corresponding NFT. Using the transparency of blockchain technology, Conzura aims to fight the evil corruption of carbon credit accounting, where projects are often counted more than once.

How it works?

  1. Purchase Conzura Tree NFTs, or Engage in various Quests and Games to win these NFTs.

  2. Once you mint the NFTs, we plant a Physical Tree in collaboration with our Planter Organization.

  3. We Geo-Tag the tree/ the patch of land in case of multiple trees, and record it against your name on the Blockchain.

  4. This data is visible on our Interactive Conzura Tree Map.

  5. You can also sell the NFT to another person. Your Karma Points will be deducted in doing so.

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