HACK NFT is the gateway to Zuraverse. They are the stepping stone in the formation of Zuraverse. Users with H.A.C.K NFTs receive OG benefit from the Zuraverse ecosystem.

HACK NFTs are ERC-6551. They are Non-Fungible Token Bound Accounts. Think of it as a mini-wallet that is directly tied to the NFT. Being dynamic, these NFTs can own other NFTs, change their aesthetics, and perform on-chain actions through independent wallets.

Hippie Aliens from Datura House

Hippie Aliens from Iboga House

Hippie Aliens from Peyote House

Hippie Aliens from Ayahuasca House

Hippie Aliens from Kava House

HACK NFTs will be released in stages. The launch of HACK NFTs will allign with the launch of Hippie Alien Infinity Nexus Game ending the Before Zurian Era. All HACK Holders will get free HASH and HARD NFTs as a part their Token Bound Accounts, while the HASH and HARD holders can claim a 50% discount on the Public Price of HACK NFTs for a limited time.

Utility of HACK NFT

  • One wallet can buy multiple HACK NFTs.

  • With every single HACK NFT, a smart Wallet is attached.

  • Users can hold other NFTs like HASH, HARD, HOUSE under their HACK token bound account.

  • On the purchase of every single HACK NFT, the user will receive a free HASH, and a free HARD NFT and a free HOUSE NFT, depending upon the category of that HACK NFT.

  • Users can sell their HACK NFT, but while doing so, all the assets that were under the smart account will also be sold along with the HACK NFT.

  • Claim Phase 1 of HACK NFT would be for HASH & HARD Holders with a supply limit of 1000 HACK NFTs.

  • Claim Phase 2 would be for Public Minting.

  • The price of Public Claim Phase would be USD 150.

  • The price of Discount Claim Phase for both HASH and HARD Holders would be USD 90.

  • All HACK holders get access to special Chat channels & events.

  • HACK Holders can access all the BZE games for free, and Earn Rewards.

  • HACK Holders get Free Whitelist Spot for the public sale of $ZURA Token.

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