Owning one of these NFTs means becoming part of a community that values creativity, harmony, and the wonders of the cosmos. So buckle up and get ready to join the Hippie Aliens on their extraordinary adventures through the boundless expanse of the universe!

Hippie Alien Space Hovership are intergalactic vessels of the Hippie Aliens. Each spaceship in the HASH collection is a unique and carefully crafted piece of art, capturing the essence of the Hippie Aliens' philosophy of love, peace, culture, and interstellar exploration.

Utility of HASH NFT



ERC - 1155

USD 30

  • One user can claim only one of the five HASH NFT.

  • Claim Phase 1 of HASH NFT would be for House Holders with a supply limit of 1000 HASH NFTs.

  • Claim Phase 2 would be for Public Minting.

  • The price of Claim Phase 2(Public phase) would be USD 30

  • The price of Claim Phase 1 (Discount Phase) would be USD 15, a 50% discount from the Public Phase.

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