Zurian NFT Utility

Utility of Zurian NFT



ERC - 1155

200 USD

  • Earning $ZURA Tokens as rewards upon competing with other players through games and tournaments.

  • The Playable NFTs can be put into Hibernation mode and players can earn $ZURA tokens with Staking rewards, in contrast to the NFTs sitting idly in the wallet.

  • During the Evolution Events, users will have the option to evolve their base Zurian NFT with the help of a HACK NFTs to mint a new Evolved ZURIAN NFT. The user will retain the old Zurian NFT after the evolution.

  • Special Alpha Channel access to Zurian NFT Holders and free invitation to many of the events in the Zura Park.

  • 10% of NFT royalties from secondary market sales would contribute directly to charity for Wildlife Conservation.

  • Extra Staking Rewards for Holders having 3 or more NFTs.

  • A tree will be planted in real world with the sale of each Zurian NFT.

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