Just like HASH, which are the personal spaceships for intergalactic travels of these Hippie Aliens, HARD are these elusive and revered artifacts which serve as the conduits to the realms beyond, unlocking doorways to altered states of consciousness and profound enlightenment. These artifacts act as gateways to uncharted dimensions of perception and understanding.

Unlike mortal beings, shackled by the confines of mortality and purpose, the Hippie Aliens drift as explorers of the unknown, and as they traverse the cosmos, indulging in their transcendental reveries, the HARD NFTs serve as the catalysts for their boundless, euphoric odyssey, guiding them toward the elusive horizon of Nirvana.

Utility of HARD NFT



ERC - 1155

USD 30

  • One user can claim only one of the five HARD NFT.

  • Claim Phase 1 of HARD NFT would be for House Holders with a supply limit of 1000 HARD NFTs.

  • Claim Phase 2 would be for Public Minting.

  • The price of Claim Phase 2(Public phase) would be USD 30

  • The price of Claim Phase 1 (Discount Phase) would be USD 15, a 50% discount from the Public Phase.

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