Karma Points

(Experience Points)

Karma Points or XPs are a form of Proof of Engagement that can be earned inside of the Zuraverse. These can be either experience points which can be earned by in game activities, or loyalty points which can be earned by the acts of charity and other forms of contribution. In the context of Game activities and tournament rewards, Karma Points will provide users the opportunity to add a multiplier to their game rewards. Players can participate in various activities to earn them. The various means by which players can earn Karma Points are:

1. Experiences

Zurian and Non-Zurian both can earn the Karma Points by visiting experiences inside the Zura Park. Karma Points can be collected once per day from each designated experience. After the end of the day, karma points resets and players can claim them again the next day.

2. Free to Play Games

Both Zurians and Non-Zurian players can earn Karma points from the Free To Play games from the Zuraverse ecosystem. The amount of Karma Points varies from game to game, depending on the Quest Available in these games.

3. Tournaments

Zurian players also earn Karma Points from the Tournaments irrespective of their Win or Loss.

4. Special Events

Players can win Karma Points by attending special events.

5. IRL Activities

Players participating in IRL activities conducted by Zuraverse earn Karma Points on the basis of proof of participation in these activities.

Karma Points Utility :

Karma Points can be used for various purposes inside the Zuraverse ecosystem.

1. Tournament Multiplier:

  • Players can buy a Multiplier before entering the Tournament which would increase their $ZURA rewards.

  • The Tournament Multiplier is a multiple of Karma Points in the range of 1.01 to 1.20. (This can go further for Rare NFTs and through Special items).

  • The Multiplier once acquired is valid for one session only. Eg. 100 K.P (Karma Points) spent increases the multiplier by 0.01

    • 100 K.P -> 1.01 Multiplier

    • 500 K.P -> 1.05 Multiplier

    • 2000 K.P -> 1.20 Multiplier

  • Tournament Multiplier can also be purchased using $ZURA and various offers would be released from time to time.

2. Energy (Stamina)

There are some free to play games in Zuraverse which does not require energy. But playing Tournaments requires energy and each match drains energy out of players. The energy Bar starts at 10 for baby, becomes 15 for Teen, and 20 for Adult. If you deplete your energy bar, you won’t be able to play any P2E game modes. To play more tournaments, you need to have Neutrino Drink

3. Neutrino Drinks

Neutrino Drink which could be bought from the Market either using $ZURA tokens or by using Karma Points which could be gained by playing Games and Experiences, which restores stamina for the Tournament mode.

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