(A Decentralized Not-For-Profit Organization working entirely towards Conservation)

Being aware of these facts, Zuraverse is committed to working towards a Sustainable planet and has set up its sister concern “ConZura” which is a Not For Profit Web3 Organization working for nature conservation in partnership with NGOs and Self-Help groups which are promoting phenomenal ground work towards conservation of Biodiversity.


To drive the Metaverse Industry to net-zero Greenhouse Gas Emission no later than 2040 in line with keeping Global Warming below 1.5°C.


To use Blockchain technology towards activities like Plantation Drive, Lake/Pond Restoration with full transparency, traceability and efficient compensation distribution and rewards for verifiable contribution minimizing the intermediatory intervention, and maximizing the social return of investment.

We have identified 6 SDGs that Zuraverse would be tackling in association with ConZura and our partner brands.

What do we do?

  • Web3 for Climate Action - Conzura, invites Web3 organizations and their stakeholders to join our new climate action initiative Karma Pledge. This initiative aims at supporting and guiding Web3 projects in achieving global climate change goals in line with the UN's SDGs, by mentoring/educating and collaborating with them, so that together we can display climate leadership by engaging together in the climate neutrality journey.

  • Karma Points - Participants of Karma Pledge. will commit to adhere to a set of principles and incorporate them into strategies, policies and procedures, and mainstream them within the Web3 community, thus setting the stage for a wider dissemination of the message and long-term success, for which they would be earning Karma Points, which they can use to multiply their rewards or increase theor voting power.

  • Zuraversity (Learn to Earn) - Zuraversity is one of the most important pillar of the Zuraverse ecosystem. The objective is to educate people about the importance of Environmental Conservation which includes the Conservation of Wildlife, Conservation of Habitat, Conservation of Culture as a whole & earn rewards.


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