Zurian Evolution

There would be a Maximum of 30,000 Zurian NFTs in the first season. These will be released in three stages. Each stage with a max suply of 10,000.

There are three Evolution stages of Zurian during the first season where each Zurian will have an option to EVOLVE into the next phase of Zurian. These evolution stages are

  1. Youngling(Baby)

  2. Padawan(Teen)

  3. Master(Adult)

Stage 1 starts with release of Youngling Zurians which kicks off the Season 1.

Users can buy these 10,000 Youngling Zurian NFTs from our Marketplace. Users can engage in games and tournaments, and win rewards in $ZURA token. Please note that you need a Zurian NFT to participate in (Play&Earn) games to earn rewards in $ZURA Token. The more users engage inside the Zuraverse Ecosystem, the more Karma Points(XPs) they earn. They can use these Karma Points(XPs) to multiply their Tournament Rewards.

Stage 2 starts after the first Evolution Event(4 months after the Public Launch). During this Evolution Event, Youngling Zurian NFT Holders will have a chance to evolve their Youngling Zurian NFTs into Padawan Zurian NFTs and will require a fusion of the Base Youngling Zurian NFT and a H.A.C.K NFT and some $ZURA Tokens. After which a new Padawan Zurian NFT will be minted.

The Value of $ZURA Tokens needed for evolution may vary based on the market value of $ZURA Token. One H.AC.K. NFT can be used only once for the evolution process. Any H.A.C.K NFT on any Chain can be used to Evolve any Zurian. (Cross -Chain compatibility). The evolved Zurian can be minted onto a chain of choice from our partners. All your NFT info is stored into our database. Whenever you want to evolve your Zurian, you will be asked to confirm which H.A.C.K. NFT you want for the evolution of Zurian. After your confirmation, that H.A.C.K. NFT generates an evolution key and is marked into our system (irrespective of chain) where it would be disabled for any further evolution. The Evolved Zurian is Minted On-Chain as per the Parent chain or any other chain that is available.

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