Unsustainable Economics in P2E Games.

😭 Problem 2 - Unsustainable Economics in P2E Games.

Play 2 earn, especially in crypto, is a game form, that allows users to earn in-game rewards, which can be converted to real-world currencies. But where does the money earned in P2E actually come from? Many P2E games follow a model wherein money is pumped into the system by a new player's entry. A new player has to buy an NFT to get into the system, that way they are putting money into the game that is then through a series of transactions possibly cashed out by another player. This is not sustainable because if one player makes money it is made from the money that another player has invested or injected into the game. P2E games just keep running out of money to keep paying their players. As soon as you take away the earning part from most of these P2E games, they are just not fun to play. A question every Game Fi project should ask, would people pay for their games? Are these games fun to play? Do they create an experience. Is the model Sustainable? When it comes to P2E Games, they look like they are basically just Financial ideas where the marketers have tried to add a game aspect to attract users.

πŸ˜‚ Our Solution

Games need to be Fun to play first and then add aspects of incentive rewards, asset ownerships etc. Gameplay should always be at the focal point of the game, that users enjoy. Earnings are nice addition, it shouldn't be the key driving factor. Then only we can achieve true Sustainability.

The P2E gaming space is far from perfect. But that does not mean that we can't do anything about it. We are trying to address these above problems. With a novel PEC (Play-Earn-Conserve) model of gaming where players can engage in fun and immersive games and experiences. With multiple games of different genre, each vastly different from each other, offering a variety of fun experiences and exciting gameplay, players can participate in Multiplayer battles, PVP, PVE, or merely Teaming up and battling against another teams in various modes.

There is something for everyone out here, where you can earn in game monetary rewards for your efforts. Our focus from the beginning is to develop Zuraverse into a self-sustaining DAO by two years after the public launch of our Tokens with voting rights for our NFT and Token Holders. All in-game assets will also be available in the form of NFTs to own and trade.

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