Zura Launcher

It is our in-house Launcher which constitutes of NFT Marketplace(like OpenSea and Rarible), our In house Game Store(like Steam, Epic Game Store, U Play etc), and Zura Wallet where users can securely purchase or sell digital assets using $ZURA Tokens/ Eth/ Matic/ USDT/ USDC. Buying assets would be without a trading fee from our marketplace. Selling assets would incur a trading fee of 5% when traded in ETH/ Matic/ USDT/ USDC. 50% of the fees will be used to purchase $ZURA tokens from the market and burned on a regular basis (ex. monthly).

From the remaining 50% of the fees, 10% will be donated for Conservational Activies in the Real World, and 40% would be added to a Treasury. This Treasury would be used to fund development/partnerships if required and in future it would be converted to a DAO treasury and handed over to DAO. There will be a Multi-Vendor Marketplace, where our Partner Web3 Projects can also host their NFTs and Game Assets. We will be partnering with various Sustainable Brands and help them transition to the Web3 Space.

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